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Battery 27910 89-1323-00-00 3.6v 600mAh Ni-MH GP0716 Cordless Wi

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Battery 27910 89-1323-00-00 3.6v 600mAh Ni-MH GP0716 Cordless Wireless Phone V-Tech NEW


New Generic replacement Battery for V-Tech 89-1323-00-00 model 27910 and more Brand New Not in Pack.

Compatible P/N.: 89-11323-00
3.6v NiMH 600mAh

Photo for reference purpose only, actual battery May or may not an Original or same in Color or Print 100% Guaranteed to meet OEM Specifications exect replacements.
Some times Part no.  Model no. or serial no. may or may not same but product will be compatible.

To Use With: Following known Compatible Models:

 AT&T 27910 
 AT&T 80-5848-00-00 
 AT&T 89-0099-00-00 
 AT&T E1112 
 AT&T E1113 
 AT&T E1114 
 AT&T E1912 
 AT&T E191913 
 AT&T E191914 
 AT&T E191937 
 AT&T E2801 
 AT&T E2802 
 AT&T E2803 
 AT&T E2811 
 AT&T E2812 
 AT&T E2813 
 AT&T E2901 
 AT&T E2902 
 AT&T E2913 
 AT&T E2914 
 AT&T E3813 
 AT&T E3814 
 AT&T E5602 
 AT&T E5605 
 AT&T E5640 
 AT&T E5643 
 AT&T E5644 
 AT&T E5654 
 AT&T E5655 
 AT&T E5901 
 AT&T E5902 
 AT&T E5903 
 AT&T E5910 
 AT&T E5917 
 AT&T E5923 
 AT&T E5924 
 AT&T E5926 
 AT&T E5927 
 AT&T E5933 
 AT&T E5934 
 AT&T E5937 
 AT&T E5938 
 AT&T E5939 
 AT&T E5943 
 AT&T E5944 
 AT&T E5947 
 AT&T E595911 
 AT&T E595912 
 AT&T E595913 
 AT&T E595914  
 AT&T E595918 
 AT&T E595921 
 AT&T E595922 
 AT&T E5971 
 AT&T E5972 
 AT&T E5981 
 AT&T E5982 
 AT&T E6001 
 AT&T E6002 
 AT&T E6012 
 AT&T E6013 
 AT&T E6014 
 Bell South BS5822 
 Bell South PMP3950 
 Bell South PMP3955 
 Bell South PMP3980 
 Bell South PMP3985 
 Casio  Phonemate PM139BAT 
 Casio  Phonemate PMP3905 
 Casio  Phonemate PMP3950 
 Casio  Phonemate PMP3955 
 Casio  Phonemate PMP3980 
 Casio  Phonemate PMP3985 
 Casio PM139BAT 
 Casio PMP3905 
 Casio PMP3950 
 Casio PMP3955 
 Casio PMP3980 
 Casio PMP3985 
 Casio/Phonemate PM139BAT 
 Casio/Phonemate PMP3905 
 Casio/Phonemate PMP3950 
 Casio/Phonemate PMP3955 
 Casio/Phonemate PMP3980 
 Casio/Phonemate PMP3985 
 Clarity C430 
 GE 5-2522 
 GE 5-2523 
 GE 5-2539 
 General Electric 2-1009GE3 
 General Electric 2-1018GE3 
 General Electric 2-1028GE3 
 General Electric 2-1098 
 General Electric 2-1900 
 General Electric 2-1905 
 General Electric 2-5413 
 General Electric 2-5414 
 General Electric 2-5415 
 General Electric 2-5831GE3 
 General Electric 2-5832GE3 
 General Electric 2-5833 
 General Electric 2-5902 
 General Electric 2-5912 
 General Electric 2-5922 
 General Electric 2-5932 
 General Electric 2-5942 
 General Electric 2-5952 
 General Electric 2-5982 
 General Electric 2-6977 
 General Electric 2-7700GE2 
 General Electric 2-7901 
 General Electric 2-7907 
 General Electric 2-7910 
 General Electric 2-791GE1 
 General Electric 2-7920 
 General Electric 2-7925 
 General Electric 2-7930 
 General Electric 2-7931 
 General Electric 2-7935 
 General Electric 2-7936 
 General Electric 2-7938GE1 
 General Electric 2-7980 
 General Electric 2-7990 
 General Electric 2-7993 
 General Electric 2-8110 
 General Electric 2-8111 
 General Electric 2-8112 
 General Electric 2-8128 
 General Electric 2-9110 
 General Electric 2-9111 
 General Electric 2-9115 
 General Electric 2-939GE3 
 General Electric 2-9407 
 General Electric 5-2522 
 General Electric 5-2523 
 General Electric 5-2539 
 General Electric 5-2650 
 General Electric 5-2721 
 General Electric GOLDSTAR 
 General Electric GP60AAAH3BMJ 
 Lucent 27910 
 Lucent 8058480000 
 Lucent 8900990000 
 Motorola C50 
 Motorola C51 
 Motorola E32 
 Motorola E33 
 Motorola E34 
 Motorola E51 
 Motorola E52 
 Motorola MD-7101 
 Motorola MD-7151 
 Motorola MD-7161 
 Motorola SD-4501 
 Motorola SD-4502 
 Motorola SD-4550 
 Motorola SD-4551 
 Motorola SD-4561 
 Motorola SD-4581 
 Motorola SD-4591 
 Motorola SD-4591 SD-7501 
 Motorola SD-7500 
 Motorola SD-7501 
 Motorola SD-7502 
 - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
 - Rechargeable battery
 - New Generic replacement Battery.  
 - May not seald. After Market Accessories.
 - Photo for reference purpose only
 - Actual battery May or may not an Original or same in Color or Print
 - 100% Guaranteed to meet OEM Specifications
 - Exact replacement.
 - Please it is  buyers responsibility to ensure the battery that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.
 - Talk and standby times may vary depending on user habits, features activated, accessories installed, phone reception and network performance.
 - Some times Part No. Model No. or Serial No. may or may not same but product will be compatible.
 - These batteries are OEM made specifically for phones.
 - These batteries are made to adhere to the specifications and performance of your phone.
 - This battery is long life designed to give you maximum talk and standby time.
 - These batteries use the latest technology to provide you with the best talk & standby times without sacrificing size or weight of the battery.
 - Approximately 30% lighter than NiCad & Ni-Mh alternatives. 
The batteries supplied by us are replacement for sold to use with certain products of Electronics manufacturers, and any reference to products or trademarks of such Manufacturer is purely for the purpose of identifying the manufacturers with which our products are replacement for may be used.
We and this Web site are neither affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributors for, nor related in any way to these manufacturers, nor are the products offered for sale through our web site manufactured by or sold with the authorization of the manufacturers with which our products {are replacement for} may be used.

(Item can be similar if exact match not available)
Please Research yourself with compatibility of your apparatus.
Some times Part no. Model no. or serial no. may or may not same but product will be compatible.
Please check product documentation for compatibility prior to purchase.
Information's are here for your reference only and accuracy can not be guaranteed

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All rights reserved

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 23 May, 2009.

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