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HP 8121-1023 C13 Compaq 3 Prong CORD Power cable 3 PINS 11" cond

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HP 8121-1023 C13 Compaq 3 Prong CORD Power cable 3 PINS 11" Inch conductor US Main 3pin for Computers Monitors Laptop Notebook Adapter Hewlett Packard

Content: One Cable only ( It does not include power supply you are getting cable only.)

Power cord Black for USA, Canada, Taiwan, Latin America, and Saudi Arabia, North American type
Compatible Numbers:
DP/N 051120P
Dell CN 05120P-76710
CN 05120P-76710-268-xxxx-xxx

Length: 18" (inch) approx. (45cm)
3Pin / 3 Prong Type Plug
Connects Your Computer to Wall Socket AC Outlet
Notebook Computer / Laptop Power Cable / Cord
Compatible Known HP Part Numbers / Names: 8121-1023, 8120-6260
Heavy-Duty 16 - 18 AWG x 3 conductors
NEMA 5-15p Male connector
IEC320 C13 Female connector

Male End Side: NEMA 5-15 125 V, 15 A grounded connector
Female End Side : IEC C13 grounded connector

To use with:
HP (Hewlett Packerd)
Business Inkjet 1000 Printer
Business Inkjet 1100 Printer
Business Inkjet 1200 Printer
Business Inkjet 2300 Printer
Color Copier 170
Color Copier 180/190
Color Copier 280/290
Color InkJet cp1160 Printer
Copier Printer 410
Copier Printer 510
Copier Printer 610
DeskJet 3300 Printer
DeskJet 3325 Printer
DeskJet 3400 Printer
DeskJet 3500 Printer
DeskJet 3600 Printer
DeskJet 3700 Printer
DeskJet 3840 Printer
DeskJet 3940 Printer
Deskjet 460 Mobile Printer
DeskJet 5100 Printer
Deskjet 5400 printer
DeskJet 5440 Printer
DeskJet 5550 Printer
DeskJet 5600 Printer
DeskJet 5700 Printer
DeskJet 5850 Printer
DeskJet 6500 Printer
DeskJet 6800 Printer
Deskjet 6900 printer
DeskJet 6940 Printer
DeskJet 845C Printer
DeskJet 9600 Printer
DeskJet 9800 Printer
Deskjet 9800D Printer
Deskjet 9803 Printer
Deskjet 9803D Printer
Deskjet 9808 Printer
Deskjet 9808D Printer
Digital Copier 310
Digital Copier Printer 410
Digital Copier/Printer 510/ 610
Fax 1230
InkJet FAX 1220
InkJet FAX 1220xi
Officejet 5110 All-in-One Printer
OfficeJet 5110 Printer
Officejet 5500 All-in-One Printer
OfficeJet 5610 Printer
Officejet 6100 All-in-One Printer
Officejet 6200 All-in-One Printer
OfficeJet 6200 Printer
Officejet 6310 All-in-One Printer
Officejet 7100 All-in-One Printer
OfficeJet 7100 Printer
OfficeJet 7200 All-In-One Printer
Officejet 7300 All-in-One Printer
Officejet 7400 All-in-One Printer
Officejet D All-in-One Printer
OfficeJet G55 Printer
OfficeJet G85/G85xi Printer
OfficeJet G95 Printer
OfficeJet K60/K60xi Printer
OfficeJet K80/K80xi Printer
Officejet Pro K550 Printer
OfficeJet Pro K850 Printer
OfficeJet PSC 1400 Printer
OfficeJet PSC 2300 Printer
OfficeJet PSC 2410 Printer
OfficeJet PSC 2500 Printer
OfficeJet PSC 500 Printer
OfficeJet R40 Printer
OfficeJet R40xi Printer
OfficeJet R45 Printer
OfficeJet R60 Printer
OfficeJet R65 Printer
OfficeJet R80 Printer
OfficeJet R80xi Printer
OfficeJet T45 Printer
OfficeJet T45xi Printer
OfficeJet T65 Printer
OfficeJet T65xi Printer
OfficeJet V40 Printer
OfficeJet V40xi Printer
OfficeJet V45 Printer
OmniBook 2000 Notebook
OmniBook 4000C Notebook
OmniBook 4000CT Notebook
OmniBook 5000C Notebook
OmniBook 5000CT Notebook
OmniBook 5000CTS Notebook
OmniBook 5500CS-F132xA Notebook
OmniBook 5500CS-F133xA Notebook
OmniBook 5500CT Notebook
OmniBook 5700 Notebook
OmniBook 5700ctx Notebook
OmniBook 600C-F106xA Notebook
OmniBook 600C-F111xA Notebook
OmniBook 600CT Notebook
OmniBook 800CS Notebook
OmniBook 800CT Notebook
PhotoSmart 2575 All-in-One Printer
PhotoSmart 2600 All-in-One Printer
PhotoSmart 2700 All-in-One Printer
PhotoSmart 7150 Printer
Photosmart 7200 Printer
PhotoSmart 7260 Printer
PhotoSmart 7350 Printer
Photosmart 7400 Printer
PhotoSmart 7550 Printer
Photosmart 7600 Printer
PhotoSmart 7660 Printer
PhotoSmart 7700 Printer
PhotoSmart 7900 Printer
PhotoSmart 8100 Printer
PhotoSmart 8250 Printer
PhotoSmart 8400 Printer
PhotoSmart PSC 2410 All-in-One Printer
PhotoSmart PSC 2500 All-in-One Printer
Print/Scan/Copier 500
Print/Scan/Copier 500xi
PSC 1200 All-in-One Printer
PSC 1300 All-in-One Printer
PSC 1400 All-in-One Printer
PSC 1500 All-in-One Printer
PSC 1600 All-in-One Printer
PSC 2300 All-in-One Printer
PSC 2310 All-in-One Printer
PSC 700 All-in-One Printer
PSC 900 All-in-One Printer
ScanJet 2200C
ScanJet 2300C
ScanJet 2400
ScanJet 3500C
ScanJet 3530C
ScanJet 3570C
ScanJet 3670
ScanJet 3770
ScanJet 3800
ScanJet 3970
Scanjet 4070
ScanJet 4370
ScanJet 4400C
ScanJet 4470C
ScanJet 4500C
ScanJet 4570C
ScanJet 4570C
ScanJet 4600
ScanJet 4670
ScanJet 4850
ScanJet 4890
ScanJet 5400C
ScanJet 5470C
ScanJet 5530
ScanJet 5590
ScanJet 7400C
ScanJet 7450C
ScanJet 7490C
Scanjet 7560N
ScanJet 7650
ScanJet 7800
ScanJet 8200


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