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GE TL26505 0175 PANASONIC Cordless Phone Battery KX-TG2396 3.6V

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GE TL26505 0175 PANASONIC Cordless Phone Battery KX-TG2396 3.6V 1150 mAh  NiMH

Condition : USED - EXCELENT

- Replacement
- 3.6V/11500 mAh
- Rechargable Ni-MH battery
- Weight: 0.050 Grams. approx.

Compatible with: KX-TG2396, 2397, 2400, 2405, 2500, 2550, 2560, 2570, 2575 , 3.6V , 1150mAh, NiMH

  • Again & Again: STB-941, STB941
  • BellSouth: 32001, 3201
  • Dantona: BATT-401, BATT401
  • Empire: CPH-459, CPH459
  • Energizer: ER-P450, ERP450
  • GE: TL26505, TL-26505
  • Lenmar: CBC301, CBC-301
  • Memorex: MPH-6928, MPH-6929, MPH-6935, MPH-6950, MPH-6955, MPH-6956, MPH-6988, MPH-6989, MPH-6990, MPH-6995, MPH-6996, MSP-PH2400, YBT3N600MAH, MPH6928, MPH6929, MPH6935, MPH6950, MPH6955, MPH6956, MPH6988, MPH6989, MPH6990, MPH6995, MPH6996, MSPPH2400
  • Panasonic: HHR-P401, HHRP401, HHR-P401A, HHRP401A, KC-TCC106C, KX-TG2396, KX-TG2397, KX-TG2400, KX-TG2400B, KX-TG2405, KX-TG2407, KX-TG2500, KX-TG2500B, KX-TG2500S, KX-TG2550, KX-TG2550B, KX-TG2550S, KX-TG2560, KX-TG2560B, KX-TG2560S, KX-TG2570, KX-TG2570B, KX-TG2570S, KX-TG2575, KX-TG2650, KX-TG2670, KX-TG2680, KX-TGA400, PQHHR115AA31, PQKK10093, TYPE 16, KCTCC106C, KXTG2396, KXTG2397, KXTG2400, KXTG2400B, KXTG2405, KXTG2407, KXTG2500, KXTG2500B, KXTG2500S, KXTG2550, KXTG2550B, KXTG2550S, KXTG2560, KXTG2560B, KXTG2560S, KXTG2570, KXTG2570B, KXTG2570S, KXTG2575, KXTG2650, KXTG2670, KXTG2680, KXTGA400, PQKK-10093, TYPE16
  • Radio Shack: 23270, 432811, 439001, 439008, 439009, 439012, 9601838, 23-270, 43-2811, 43-9001, 43-9008, 43-9009, 43-9012, 960-1838
  • Rayovac: CO118P2
  • Recoton: T-123, T123
  • Sanyo: 49001, GESPCM02, GES-PCM02
  • SBC/Southwestern Bell: S60528
  • Sony: SPP-A974, SPPA974
  • Sprint: 89330

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